HNH Multimedia Productions is now CANCAN productions

The same great service with a new great name.  (Oh, and it’s still Catherine and Ann.) CANCAN productions is a full-service multimedia production studio with a focus on video and film projects.  From soup to nuts and concept brainstorming to final video, we can can and do do it all and in house.

So what’s this multimedia? In addition to great videos and films, we create websites, animations, and print design. These can be in conjunction with a film or video project or can be a project all its own.

What does all this mean for me? You get great customer service, an interactive process, a beautiful, informative (and often fun) project, and all on a skinny budget. It’s our goal to capture your organization’s distinct voice and express it to the world. When you’re our client, we commit to you and your project 110%. We’ve been known (on more than one occasion) to help write grants for non-profits, sew costumes for low-budgets, negotiate rights for the perfect song, track down hundreds of alumni from the 1950s until today and take out the trash. It’s all in the job description if it means you will have an amazing video.

Why do you go the extra mile? KNOWLEDGE. We have a passion for learning. We simply love it. (Yes, we’re nerds at heart.) Whether it’s teaching children with Autism or showcasing a revolutionary machine that makes customizable cheese blends, we love learning about each of our clients’ organizations, products and services.  Your passion for what you do excites our passion for learning, and together, through the power of MULTIMEDIA (imagine a booming echo), we can teach a whole lot of people, and possibly change the world…well, at the very least, excite your clients, colleagues and co-workers into action!

Call us today to discuss your project, 267-880-1922 or email us at info@cancanpro.com.

Catherine Miller (producer) and Ann Calamia (writer/director) at the Feel Good Film Festival in Hollywood, CA with their award-winning film, Universal Signs.

Catherine Miller (producer) and Ann Calamia (writer/director) at the Feel Good Film Festival
in Hollywood, CA with their award-winning film, Universal Signs.

Why change your name after 15 years?

Who is H? Who is N? Is it H and H? No, it’s HNH, as in Harry, Nancy, Harry.  If we had a nickel for every time we heard those questions… We’d own a wheelbarrow factory.  HNH was a nickname for a consumer-based business that we started in the late 90s, called HER and HIStory, Inc.  At HER and HIStory, we made wedding documentaries for discerning couples from Maine to Washington, DC.  We loved each and every one of them and are still in contact with many of our couples.  We love seeing their families grow. When we decided to move to corporate films and videos, we needed a name that suited the environment. We decided to use our nickname HNH for HER and HIStory.

Why CANCAN? Well, we had this lawyer. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? Anyway so, we had this lawyer.  He called the office, and in his message, he said, “This message is for CAN. Uh, Catherine or Ann.”  It was funny.  Well, at least, it was funny to us.  We have been best friends since high school, maid-of-honor in each other’s weddings, and we even had our first kids 3 months apart. Needless to say, we’re used to being, sort of, joined at the hip.  On the phone, our moms can’t even tell us apart. So, if you mix us up, that’s understandable. Either of us will answer to Catherine or Ann, and we will definitely, answer to CAN.