Front of the Class

Project Goal: Front of the Class is an idea/strategy exchange program through which teachers from Delaware help other teachers succeed. When visiting schools across the state, Delaware Lt. Governor Matt Denn found that general education teachers consistently requested techniques for working with children with special needs in their mainstream classrooms. Simultaneously, he discovered that there were amazing special education teachers, in both the public and private settings, who had developed wonderful techniques for their students with learning differences. Based on this, Matt Denn commissioned a video series entitled Front of the Class.

Organization: The Office of the Lt. Governor of Delaware Matt Denn

CANCAN’s Participation: 


Other Notes: 

  • In total, we created 23 videos, including 17 educational lessons in topics ranging from “What is Autism?” to “Making Word Connections and Using Mnemonics to Enhance Retention and Retrieval.”
  • The running times range from 8 to 25 minutes.
  • To see all of the videos, visit

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December 26, 2014