An educational film by the National Catholic Office for the Deaf (NCOD)
Strengthened in Faith: Confirmation is a program consisting of a video with lesson plans to assist in preparing individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. For many individuals who are deaf, American Sign Language is the language used to communicate and learn. The lessons in the video are in American Sign Language (ASL), voiced in English, and open captioned to meet the needs of a variety of deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Storytelling in ASL is a vital aspect of the Deaf experience. Thus, in this DVD, lessons include the dramatic telling of a saint’s story, and the lessons are narrated by a deaf priest. All performers in the production are deaf. In addition, the crew included a deaf ASL consultant, coach and co-director. HNH led an ADA-compliant set with Sign Language interpreters. We are respectful and comfortable working with people of varying needs and abilities. We realize that working with disabled people can require extra time and effort to ensure that all are performing at their best. We understand that to guarantee success, comfort and communication are key. In addition, this film required open captioning. (Open captioned means that the captions are on screen at all times.) At HNH, we are captioning experts. We are highly skilled at knowing how to pace captions and break up sentences of dialogue for readability for the deaf and hard of hearing viewer. In the production, there are three ways to ensure comprehension for all viewers. The deaf viewer watches the ASL, while the hard of hearing viewer watches the captions, and the hearing viewer, such as teachers or parents who are following along with their deaf student or child, listens to the voiceover. The NCOD film also often uses screen cues, including: slates for questions, pause screens for reflection/discussion, homework/further study screens, and on-screen graphics to explain important concepts.