Why change your name?

Who is H? Who is N? Is it H and H? No, it’s HNH, as in Harry, Nancy, Harry.  If we had a nickel for every time we heard those questions… We’d own a wheelbarrow factory.  HNH was a nickname for a consumer-based business that we started in the late 90s, called HER and HIStory, Inc.  At HER and HIStory, we made wedding documentaries for discerning couples from Maine to Washington, DC.  We loved each and every one of them and are still in contact with many of our couples.  We love seeing their families grow. When we decided to move to corporate films and videos, we needed a name that suited the environment. We decided to use our nickname HNH for HER and HIStory.

Why CANCAN? Well, we had this lawyer. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? Anyway so, we had this lawyer.  He called the office, and in his message, he said, “This message is for CAN. Uh, Catherine or Ann.”  It was funny.  Well, at least, it was funny to us.  We have been best friends since high school, maid-of-honor in each other’s weddings, and we even had our first kids 3 months apart. Needless to say, we’re used to being, sort of, joined at the hip.  On the phone, our moms can’t even tell us apart. So, if you mix us up, that’s understandable. Either of us will answer to Catherine or Ann, and we will definitely, answer to CAN.