In conjunction with Timmons & Company, we are currently working on a series of commercials for Grand View Health.  Grand View Hospital is now Grand View Health — one hospital, four outpatient centers, over 100 medical offices, a home-healthcare team, almost 2000 employees, over 350 physicians, and more than 500 volunteers.  Timmons 2014-2015 marketing campaign for GVH is “We Are Grand View Health.”

For the campaign, we wrote scripts based on Timmons’ “We are Grand View Health” concept. In addition, CANCAN organized and managed a crew of ten, cast extras, and produced, directed and edited the spots for broadcast. We filmed for four days in December 2014 and will film for an additional six days in January 2015.

From this footage, we will produce six commercials in the key areas of Orthopedics, Surgery, Cancer, Cardiac, Women’s Health and an overall Image advertisement. The six commercials will air on local cable in Bucks and Montgomery counties from January to June 2015 and on the hospital’s website. Stay tuned!

We filmed on an active patient floor, the cardiac catheterization lab, linear accelerator, and in a labor and delivery room. One of our favorite locations was the operating room at Grand View Hospital. To remain sterile, we had to wipe down all the equipment and scrub up to go into the OR. It was funny to see us all in “uniform.”