Vita’s Gail Huber gets last looks from make-up artist and hair stylist, Christie Barolin.

We just wrapped production of a video series for Vita Education Services. Vita is a fantastic organization in Bucks County, PA.  Vita Education Services provides quality educational programs that help individuals gain skills that enhance their ability to deal with real-life situations, meet personal goals and become more self-determining and self-sufficient.

They designed and developed the Decisions Program. Vita has been teaching its Decisions process to at-risk populations in a variety of criminal justice and community settings for over forty years. These include incarcerated adults, probationers, teens, and adult basic education students. The process is based on the premise that making good decisions helps a person to take charge of his/her life and future.

We filmed for four days on green screen and one day of interviews.  We not only enjoyed our work but also learned so much.  The Decisions program is truly transformational and what we learned will impact our own lives! Thanks Vita!

Starting post-production in the next couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted.